F.A.Q. About YouTube Conversions

How do i convert YouTube videos to mp3?

  • Go to YouTube and find the video that you want to convert to mp3, and copy the url of the video
  • Go to ConverterBear.pro homepage
  • Paste the url you have grabbed to the conversion box, click convert
  • ConverterBear.pro will convert the video to mp3. Now download your track
  • Alternatively you can also directly search your track on homepage of ConverterBear.pro. Not only YouTube url's can be entered, but also you can search for a video title. This will make things much faster for you!
  • When downloading on a pc, do not click on open file as it will only play the mp3 on browser directly. You must choose 'save file' in order for a successful download.

Does ConverterBear.pro work on my mobile phone?

Of course it works. ConverterBear.pro is built to work on every device such as smartphones, tablets and desktop pc's. However, on IOS devices, you can download the converted tracks by only some third party apps and make yourself exciting playlists.
Or for IOS devices, you can download the mp3's to your pc first, then use iTunes to send the downloaded tracks to your IOS device.

Do i have a conversion amount limit?

No, you can convert millions :) Feel free to use our service without limits

How long does it take to convert YouTube videos to mp3 tracks?

Haven't tried yet? It only takes seconds :) We are purely the fastest!

Why there is no bitrate options?

ConverterBear.pro converts the videos to mp3 tracks with the highest quality available, so why choose low quality when there is higher quality possible :)

Which browser should i use with ConverterBear.pro?

ConverterBear.pro is fully compatible with all of the browsers such as FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and also mobile browsers. You can use any of them.

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