Addon for Browsers

We provide 2 types of addons for you that make conversions easier:
  • FireFox addon
  • Bookmarklet button
Our addons are very lightweight, ad-free and extremely simple. Choose the one that is suitable for you.

Firefox Addon

This addon adds a small button below the YouTube video pages, and converts the corresponding video to mp3 instantly when clicked.
  • verified by mozilla
  • no ads
  • secure install from mozilla addons page
Install for FireFox
Add to FireFox

How to use FireFox Addon

After you install the addon, go to YouTube and search for the music you want. Then find the addon button just below the video. Click on the button and voila :)

Bookmarklet Button for all browsers

This button can be added to all of the browsers. This is also very fast solution to convert videos to mp3s.
Just drag the button below to your bookmarks toolbar. That's it :)

How to use Bookmarklet Button

After you place the bookmarklet button to your bookmarks bar, find the music video on youtube, then while on video page, click on the bookmarklet button. will convert the video to mp3 instantly! Addons

  • Take one of the addons
  • Both addons are ad-free and secure
  • Instant conversion supported
  • Very lightweight

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